Act based work

Johannes likes to perform and does this often with one of his current act´s. He is always curious to try out new things and this is why he also has very different acts.

A more movement based act, where he is almost dancing with the chinese pole and it is all about the flow and joy in moving.

Or a more humorous and theatrical act where he is in the conflict with what he should play first. A big Pezzi-ball or his chinese pole.



Teaching is Johannes second passion. He likes to share his knowledge with other people and wants to help others to find their way in this world. He was about to became a teacher before he decided to start his circus career.

Weekly classes or workshops, all is possible. His main discipline is chinese pole but he is able to teach more circus disciplines up to an intermediate level.

Not only the technique is important to him but also improvising and being able to express is as important.



Johannes enjoys improvising and creating new material as much as performing set material. If you are looking for something specific, Johannes is happy to adapt existing work or create new material for your event. Get in contact and pitch your ideas to him.

"Summertime" 2018