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Johannes performs at many different events. Thereby he is interested thematically versatile. With his various solo acts, he can meet the most diverse tastes. At the same time, he flexibly adapts his performance to the needs of the performance location or the organizers, if desired.

Solo Act - Chinese Pole

Currently Johannes offers these solo acts:

MINCA is an act full of movement and energy. It is about the magical attraction of the Chinese Pole and the playful and at the same time almost addictive continuous interaction with it. Like a small magnet being attracted by a bigger one, the Chinese Pole seems to miraculously pull and bind Johannes to itself. He doesn't even know what is happening to him and finds himself with, on or on top of it the whole time. A magical solo number that is perhaps also a bit of a love story.

YELLOW also includes a third piece of equipment besides the Chinese Pole, Johannes, and his yellow sweater. A large yellow exercise ball. Both pole and ball seem to be equally interesting for Johannes. He can't decide which piece of equipment to choose. It almost seems as if the pole and the ball are vying for his attention. And even if the yellow ball is supposedly able to attract more attention, the pole stands its ground. But who says you always must choose? Johannes combines the two squabblers without further ado and turns it into a breath-taking show with humor, suspense and lots of entertainment.

Solo Show Evolution of being me

Immerse yourself in the unique world of Mr. Paper, who lives in his self-created paper universe. In a paradoxical way, he is alone but still in company. His universe is composed of lovingly crafted paper figures of various sizes, providing him with both occupation and companionship. They become his companions and also his audience. Although made by him, the figures don't always behave as he envisions. The journey of discovery takes unexpected and at times quirky turns, leading the audience on an odyssey through the highs and lows of human emotions. It's a journey full of surprises, where the boundaries between reality and fantasy magically blur.

The Paper People Paradox is a performance of new artistry on the Chinese pole, empathetic theater, and imaginative paper art. It delves into the complexity of loneliness, infused with subtle humor and a touch of perceived madness, converging into a unique and imaginative experience. A blend that will prompt reflection, smiles, and amazement.

The premier was on the 19.-21.1.2024 at the HochX Theater in Munich.

Duration approx. 60 min

Artist: Johannes Böhringer

Outside-Eye: Benjamin Kuitenbrouwer - Monki

Musiccomposition: Konrad Zinner

Lightdesign: Fiona Hamann

Mediadesign: Dana Friedrichs

Costume: Amrei Simon

Funded by

the City of Munich – Department of Arts and Culture

Supported by

HochX Theater – München, Tollhaus – Karlsruhe, MUCCA – München, Werkplaats Diepenheim (NL), CircArtive School – Gschwend, Movimento – Grafing, CircusHub - München

Customised or side specific work

Johannes loves to try out new things and experiment. Whether improvisation, the rediscovery of material or even the implementation of fixed ideas. Johannes is open for ideas, suggestions, concepts and wishes. You are looking for something specific for an event or a performance? You already have a piece and would like to adapt it? Let Johannes inspire you or ask him directly.

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