New Solo Show in the making! There is already a 25 minute version existing and being played on festivals. Stay tuned for an extended version later this year!

For booking or more information please contact me!


Johannes is a circus artist, performer and teacher. After secondary school he went to university to become a teacher for mathematics and physical education. By then circus was a hobby for him. After three years he found out that his passion for teaching kids is only surpassed by the passion for performing on stage. He decided to change his life completely and moved to Rotterdam and started at the circus school Codarts. Here he graduated 2019 with chinese pole as his main discipline and partner acrobatics as his second discipline.

Now he is combining both and is working as a freelance artist and teacher. Currently he is living in Munich. From there he is exploring, performing, planning, training, teaching and moving out into this world that wants to be discovered.

His work is a lot influenced by his love for groupprojects. He loves to work together to create and realise projects. In his artistic work he works from his own experiences and from the human as an inspiration. His goal is to find the beauty in daily actions and the daily struggle. By combining human behaviour and interaction with some irony and dry humour he creates his acts and shows. As a teacher he wants to help his students to find their way and pass on his experience how circus helped him to find his place. He believes that everybody can learn and progress if they are determined and try aswell as that everybody can find something that suites him. Educating the students to enable them to selfeducate is a goal for him and circus is a great way and tool to achieve this.

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